Roger Fielding

About Me

Who is Roger Fielding?


I have been working in consultancy for more than 20 years.
I have worked with national, international and SME clients within the private, educational, cultural and not-for-profit sectors.


I have studied to graduate and postgraduate levels in management, psychology, education, organisational behaviour, social research and business (BSc MPhil PGCE MEd MBA).

Certified Professional

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF). I also have a Diploma in Performance Coaching, a Certificate in Life Coaching and a Certificate in Co-Active Coaching from The Coaches' Training Institute (CTI).

International Experience

I have worked extensively around the UK, and also in Ireland, Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, India, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Czeck Republic, Turkey and Dubai.

My Services


Coaching can be the spur to improved performance, increased reward, enhanced satisfaction and personal fulfillment. Coaching can be the key to unlocking the best that a person can be. I will support you to make conscious choices and challenge you to consider alternative possibilities. I will support you to find your own best response to whatever your challenges might be.


I develop, write and deliver programmes designed to involve and stretch leaders. Interactive, demanding, informative and engaging, the programmes comprise group work, exercises, games and presentations. My aim is to help delegates be the leader or strategist their organisation needs them to be.

Away Days / Workshops

My priority is to engage and motivate delegates; to introduce some excitement or anticipation; to develop some shared commitment to achieving objectives; and to introduce some 'fun' into the proceedings too. I like to explore possibilities to grab the attention of delegates in the interests of achieving real, meaningful and shared outcomes.

Consultancy, and Search and Selection

My track record, in both consultancy, and search and selection, of proven results and successful candidates is the cornerstone upon which this part of my business activity is based. Working with individual executives, directors, leaders or managers, we work together to get the right result, right candidate or the right outcome.


Library and Educational Resources Director

Roger is the most inspiring coach I've met since I started my work as a senior manager. (And I've met some others!!)

Deputy Head

Roger is a true professional, with a great sense of humour. The international leadership programme, that LIBER developed in cooperation with Roger, was unique, inspiring, enriching and fun. An experience I will benefit from for a long time to come.

Associate Director

Roger is a great consultant and coach, who takes the needs of clients into account at all times, involves them in thought-provoking (sometimes life changing) activities and is great fun to work with.

Head Librarian

Roger Fielding is an excellent coach, very dynamic, enthusiastic. his educational method is excellent. He motivates you and you are self confident as never you were after his coaching.Seize the opportunity , choose Roger Felding as soon as possible.

Digital Systems Manager

Roger is excellent at developing and delivering sessions that engage all participants. His knowledge and understanding of leadership and personal development is considerable and he shares this through innovative and stimulating sessions. He is both professional and informal, engaging participants through his strong coaching skills and sense of humour.

Relaxation Consultant

Roger has helped me in the capacity of business coach both face to face and by telephone. He has supported me to find my own resolutions to problems which genuinely worked, immediately and with very positive results.

Managing Director

I am being coached by Roger and he provides some insightful, searching questions for me to assess my own and my business performance. He always offers challenging perspectives and is a good listener - two critical skills for a good coach. Continual coaching has created considerable value for my business.


I have worked with Roger on both a professional and personal basis and am delighted to recommend him. I was coached by Roger in 2007 and found the process extremely useful and insightful. He was invaluable in helping me identify where my true strengths and motivations lay. More recently he held a training session for my team which we all found inspiring. Whatever the situation, working with Roger is always enjoyable!

Project Manager

I am delighted to update my recommendation of Roger in his new venture as MDO. We have worked together in consultancy, executive selection and recruitment over many years. I am always confident in turning to Roger for advice and insight into matters relating to management development, strategy implementation and training for change management.


Roger was the trainer and coach of 'LIBER Emerging Leaders', an international development programme for the leaders of tomorrow's libraries. The training was very well suited to the group people felt quickly trusted by the interactive and pleasant way of working. Roger is an inspirational person from whom I learnt a lot that I can apply in my present and future management positions. I recommend Roger warmly by everyone!


I have known Roger for 10 years both as a client and more recently as a business associate.
Roger has the exceptional ability to combine business acumen and pragmatism with a warm, open and honest approach. His coaching and relationship development skills are second to none.

Head of Public Services

He kept us working at a rapid pace, with no time to fall asleep ! Never get bored. I had to think out of the box on many aspects. Now I need to apply all the good tips and methods he taught us. I am very eager to attend the second part of the seminar next year.

Subject Librarian

Roger conducted enthusiastically a 3 day training and team building activity in our library in Barcelona. It was a great and productive team activity. As a result we are now all ready for a bright new project as a library, as a team and individuals. Roger way to work was not only wonderful, responsive, engaging, and motivated, also we had lots of 'fun' group moments.

Operations Manager

I've been on two of Rogers courses, covering Coaching & Leadership and found them to be the most beneficial courses I've ever been on. Roger puts everybody at ease, inspires you to work as a team and everybody leaves with an uplifted sense of believe and direction. HIghly recommended to anybody wanting to the get the best from their management team.

General Manager

A major skill of Roger's, is in getting the client to be reflective, answering the "important questions", those that lie at the heart of behaviour. Roger articulates back what is said to him with a suggested view on the meaning behind the thoughts expressed during the conversations.

Managing Director

I am being coached by Roger and he provides some insightful, searching questions for me to assess my own and my business performance. He always offers challenging perspectives and is a good listener - two critical skills for a good coach. Continual coaching has created considerable value for my business.


I have been fortunate to hire Roger on several occasions, on recruitment assignments and also as a consultant recently. He has a friendly and enthusiastic manner, which is matched in what he delivers after the initial discussion.

Managing Editor

Roger has a way with people. Some might say an engaging, bright, enthusiastic and highly knowledeable way and though I would endorse all of these attributes, I would also add that Roger is an exceptionally gifted individual. Incredibly insightful, he has an uncanny ability to understand human behaviour in a way that is simply quite unique.

Managing Director

Roger is a absolute professional, I have worked with Roger on numerous occasions and have had good experiences every time. He has provided first class consultancy, delivering sound advice and clear information regarding the profiling and recruitment services he has provided. I would have no hesitation to refer Roger as a recruitment and profiling consultant to any of my professional contacts.

Facilities Management Director

Roger carried out some complex facilitation within a team that were far from aligned. With Roger's independence, tenacity and smooth facilitation we ensured that the outcome of this series of workshops arrived at the predefined objective.

HR Director

I've worked with Roger on recruitment campaigns since he helped recruit me to my previous employer so I've experienced both sides of the table with him. I then introduced Roger to my current employer and he has been very much a part of our relationship based approach to doing business.

Managing Director

In the highly competitive world of business consultancy, Roger truly stands out as one of the Good Guys. He is a caring, kind and generous person, a true corporate team manager and player. To his regional team he brought positive thinking, creative ideas, encouragement, guidance and advice, a sense of genuine humility and an amazing level of off-the-wall humour which lifted our spirits and helped us through some pretty challenging situations together.

Managing Director

I have worked with Roger on a number of recruitment projects and management development programmes over the years. Roger has always delivered excellent results and his professionalism, integrity and knowledge have always been of tremendous value.

HR Director

I have hired Roger to work with senior team development and as a personal coach for senior leaders in the business. He has a great personal style that helps put people at ease, is creative in design and approach to reach agreed outcomes and impressed the senior team with his ability to meet the individual needs of a varied group. I would highly recommend him.

Managing Director

I have known Roger for some years both as a friend and professional colleague. Roger is very well qualified and has a wealth of experience within the public and private sectors. I have found his professional advice to be both invaluable and very supportive.

Strategic Transformation

It has been a pleasure to work with Roger. He is good at what he does & pleasurable.


Roger was one of 15 Consultants involved in a large Change Leadership Programme, inside the largest telecom vendor in the world. Rogers role as an Executive Coach with their Market Units in a couple of former Eastern Europe countries was crucial for their change of attitude. His total honesty and sensitivity in his Coaching with them have left a strong and positive impact on their results.

Company Founder

Roger led a trans-Atlantic project for Mercuri Urval involving a significant client when I joined forces with him. From the very start, and through complex and evolving expectations from the client, Roger was able to deftly align his consultant team to meet the client need while at the same time helping the client focus on the right results.


Roger whilst at Mercuri Urval has been the inspiration for many people, me included, for joining and flourishing in the world of recruitment. His ability to assess an individual's ability (often by a probing style of questioning which no-one else could carry off!) is legendary and the resulting feedback is always frighteningly revealing. Having worked with him on large corporates and SMEs (even a Grammar School) I can recommend him unhesitatingly, whether for senior recruitment or assessment. And he is great fun to work with!

Senior Consultant

My recommendation for Roger Fielding expands further than the work assignments I have experienced him deliver at the highest level. Roger is a person who engages himself, and his winning personality, 100% in projects undertaken, for the benefit of all other parttakers. During a large Strategic Change project within Ericsson across Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East, I had the great fortune to be teamed up with Roger.

My Portfolio

I have worked with national, international and SME clients within the private, educational, cultural and not-for-profit sectors.

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